Heavenly Light & Sound on Aura & Body


The Rainbow Light is always accompanied by sound, at all levels, dimensions and forms of Cosmos. This is because the sound precedes the creation of Light. The celestial Sound is one who precedes and largely produces uranium Light inside and outside of the celestial bodies, their heart and their Aura. Just that happens in one place on the primary level the creation of the universe, the attraction and repulsion. That applies to all of the active universe applies to every body consisting of active matter and is alive, that is animate, all subject to the laws of the Universe and this Harmony. The Sound through multilevel Spiral Universe’s evolution, formulates the kradastiki structure into seven main harmonic nodes, five secondary harmonic nodes, seven belong to the primary activation of the substance of Everything and the released active animate matter of the Universe. And the five belong to incarnate life, because the incarnate life is the union of three levels of the Universe.
The two levels are the primary and ancient form of activated materials, which is the Divine providence and free will, the third level as aforesaid is the form of incarnate life, impregnated with the Harmony of the Universe by two ancient members activated material, which is none other than our soul, through free will, incarnated by executing each of us his own harmonic seminal cycle.
Man is a part of the Universe, consisting of these three cosmic levels, Divine Providence, the Free Will and the incarnate life (Fate). The man then as a member of the Universe world, has every right to enjoy all the benefits and benefactions, Celestial Harmony of sound and light and everything else including the term celestial harmony. In this piece of music the listener enjoys the universal harmony and coordination of the harmony of the universe, through the musical sounds produced by the ancient Greek lyre and other musical instruments that accompany it. This musical sound, belongs to a specific family frequencies, namely belongs to the fifth harmonic node harmony of the universe, where it fits in our own universe. It is the ancient information that they need DNA and the cell on the protection of health and the proper determination of our life itself, achieving the objectives for which we incarnated. The environment we live in today is full of musical sounds, engine sounds, electronic sounds, infrasound, ultrasound, microwave rays, etc. But none of the sounds that constantly bombard our ears, brain and our cells. These sounds are therefore not compatible with the harmony of the universe and yet something nor with the memory of our DNA. This disharmony in which we live, results in detuning of the Human Brain and the cell, taking the wrong sound information from the environment, the DNA and the brain cell, inactivated, resign, because the sound made harmonious musical arrangement is incompatible with the memory of DNA, as I mention above. All Musical works I’ve created using the family of frequencies coordinated and harmonized the Universe, which offer excellent quality of life and health.

(Apollonius) Michael Karavassilis.