Heavenly Sound & Light


We have not given the required attention, which should in a heavenly creation, such as sound and kat` expanding uranium light, which is the result of the energy field of sound. We reduced our interest in the use of sound as a means of fun and at best, as an entertainment medium.
The sound is something much larger, distant and ancient, belongs to the primary period of the creation of the universe, is the primary energy field that activates the matter in the universe with light and life, the first living energy recorded in the memory of matter and DNA of the entire world. This living energy exists everywhere in the universe alive and activated by the oscillation of the sound, gives the indispensable harmony streaming and eternity, agencies, colleges of changing the active universe, individually and collectively.Considering that man is an equal member of the universe, in proportion to its existence, enjoys all the properties of cosmic harmony.
In human DNA, there is this original and ancient record, harmonious vibration, streaming and eternity, these specific frequencies, protect the mental and physical health of people, are recorded in the cell and are compatible in DNA recognizable as natural cosmic frequencies and not as technical.
The frequencies currently used in all the civilized parts of the world, is artificial and mi identifiable by the cell and DNA us. The family of frequencies that tune universe, belongs to the fifth harmonic of the universal harmonic table is the frequency of the family used in ancient Greece, in Asclepieia, education in theaters and generally to every musical form.
One of the last users of this family, the frequencies of the universe, was VERDI. From the 17th century approximately gradually began abolishing, the natural frequency tuned universe with a new constructed frequency incompatible with the coordination and harmony of the universe and kat` extension mu compatible with D.NA. people, animals, birds and the very Earth.
In the research center and studies <<Apollonius >>  which I founded in 1983, we managed to restore the function, the Heavenly Light and sound, ie the natural frequency tuned universe.
especially constructed musical instruments from the extreme past, who used to Asclepieia for therapeutic purposes. In this way, we harmonize again today, as the old good time, the brain cell neurons and generally to DNA, for a healthy, better and higher quality outcome of our lives.

Michael Karavassilis. Music Creator Researcher.